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This is my first blog. Why you might ask, would someone who seems so humble brag like this? Actually, I do it all the time. Typically it is me celebrating everyone else because it genuinely brings me joy for people to succeed and be happy. When it is about me, I just usually say it to myself. I do this because, in reality, it is one of the ways that I re-center myself. When you are a survivor of traumatic experiences and then add in all the intersectional identities that make me who I am, it can be effortless to regularly discount the greatness that I pour into this world. Sometimes you just have to dance as David did before the Lord. In the context of my life, this is to encourage oneself.

Through the years, I have worked very hard VERY. Yet often very doesn't seem like enough. I know that is my issue. I need to work on that thing in therapy. But it is also a part of this society that we live, breath, and survive in. Also, let me own my stuff. Busy is a coping mechanism for me. When you have experienced trauma, often you turn to something or somethings to cope. Instead of some other coping mechanisms such as substances, sex, or jumping out of planes, I am the DOING STUFF Queen...That is my cope. It literally gives me pleasure and a rush to support, encourage, and be involved in helping people know they are worthy just because they are and I enjoy exciting projects.

So have you heard of a "Brag Sheet"? No, really. Seriously. Well, I suggest if for no one else you do it for you. It can give you some perspective on just how much you really do and where you are on your individual journey.

To a lot of folx, it often looks like stuff just happens. Sometimes it does, but we have EARNED our place for most of us and deserve to be RIGHT where we are.

Some absolutely AHHHHHMAAAAZING things have fallen right into place over this last year.

Have you ever heard of a brag sheet?! Here is mine shamelessly 🤩

2021 Year in review:

(☞゚ヮ゚)☞Continued into my 27th year of being a solopreneur business TWENTY-SEVEN YEARS YALL. and let me tell you something IT. HAS. BEEN. A. LOT. OF. WORK.

✨Disability Specialist

👑Licensed Clinical Social Worker Therapist

😍BSW, MSW, LCSW Supervision

🌳Redwood Coaching and Consulting Providing Forensic social work services to the IDD community.

☆*: .。. o(≧▽≦)o .。.:*☆👩🏽‍⚖️CERTIFIED Voir DIre by the court of law.

Right on the cusp of the double pandemic, I had the pleasure of going on a travel cruise with my cohorts. Dr. Clynn I almost backed out. You and your children made my first cruise and vacation in years memorable. I started a group in 2015 for DSW cohorts. I have absolutely met some amazing social workers, educators, and human service professionals through that group. It is all about support and encouragement.

👩🏽‍🎓Attending in-person graduation and was able to be hooded with my friend Dr. Clynn. I thought I know what a blessing it was until the pandemic hit for my cohorts and even my own child who was unable to attend her masters' graduation in person. It was then that I realized how this was doubly precious. One thing I did was try to make sure my cohorts felt supported and loved. This pandemic has been difficult... Please love on someone else.

💚Continued to connect with great social workers as President at NASW Co

💗🖤💚Wrote a presentation called "Untouched History Repeats Itself" presented at a variety of venues.

💚Keynote and moderator at the HRSA MSUD Mental Health and Behavioral Conference.

💚Panelist at the CHAS MSUD Health Conference

💙Continued to be involved with TASP our 501c3 not for profit working to train educate and provide support that will aid parents who are living with developmental/cognitive disabilities.

💚Became a member of CSWE and presented my research in Florida at the 2021 conference.

📚Wrote my second book. Had a vision and... made it happen with 7 other Black women co-authors...This one was my baby Sistah Hooded™ stories of strength and resilience on the doctoral journey. WE HIT AMAZON BESTSELLING AUTHOR And BOOK in EDUCATION.

💚💛Served on two boards for Colorado State University.

💥Served on several committees that are doing good solid work.

💫🤎🎉❣👏🏽👩🏽‍🏫OHHHH Bay-BE I earned my spot as a tenure-track faculty member doing what I have wanted to do since I was in 3rd grade.

All those days my Mama spent playing school with me...tired after work... sitting there as I reenacted a classroom filled with stuffed animals...Mama, I miss you and...I did it.

🖤🤎🏳‍🌈Became a part of an awesome DEI committee as a BSSW and BIPOC student support liaison.

🚪DEI educator university-wide staff senate.

❤Became the new Colorado Child Welfare Scholars Consortium (CCWSC)

BSSW Faculty Representative

✍🏽Wrote a grant let’s see what happens

I received 3 academia education-related grants for MYSELF for 2022 approval for fully funded TA program, Summer Institute, and membership to the National Center for Faculty Development and Diversity.

Currently Working with a colleague and cohort on a scholarly project about an exciting topic

Currently working on my first journal article with my mentors and writing group.

Starting my second journal article ( Y’all don’t underestimate the power in publishing.)

💗🖤Was nominated and today became an inaugural member of the SOPSE School of Public Service and Education Capella University Advisory Board. It was really an amazing experience. I look forward to serving in this capacity.

As the visionary and Co-author of Sistah Hooded™, I wanted to take a moment to think about what it is that makes me get up and move about my day with energy and with excitement. I thought it would be one of two things but I found it was all of these things I have bragged about. They are all important parts of my life and thus important parts of what makes up my lived experience.

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You stay ready with brains brawn and love! I'm so proud to sit back and watch your advancements

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