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I identify as an empath; I tend to have a heart for people. That is the only rational explanation that I have for my level of concern for others. Somehow I care about the souls of folx deeply even when folx get on my last standing nerve. If you have been in any space with me online or in-person, you will see me on some level express this. I am a bit different in a lot of ways. One thing about me is that I believe you never know what someone else is going through, even if you know them. Some of the toughest and roughest are the most wounded. This is why I do my best to check on folx constantly. You can't always see pain, regret, hurt, addiction, loss, grief, social anxiety, monetary distress, depression, powerlessness, and the list could go on and on and on.

Earning a degree at any level is a fantastic feat. It takes time, effort, energy, focus, motivation, forced discipline, and more. Above all, I educate myself for myself. If I didn't have the desire and the goal, I would not persist. Also, I am stubborn as all get out.

It is not every day that one has an opportunity to come alongside seven brilliant souls of light. Well, technically eight. No, no, it was eleven. But thank be to Yah, I did. I had that opportunity, and I am forever grateful. This last decade has been filled with tremendous gut-wrenching soul-daggering pain, and it has flourished and flowed with some of the highest of highs that life could bring.

Today I want to highlight Eleven individuals who have made this decades-long journey as some of the top eleven most influential people in my life. Listed respectively👑



My Friend, Cohort, Co-Author, and Colleague Dr. Cheryl Fergerson, LMSW

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My Friend, Cohort, Co-Author, and Colleague, Dr. Keara Ndhlovu, MSW

My Friend, Cohort, Co-Author, and Colleague Dr. Zodelia Williams, LMSW

My Friend, Cohort, Co-Author, and Colleague Dr. Karnesha Smith, LCSW, M-RAS

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My Friend, Cohort, Co-Author, and Colleague Dr. Kia R. McCray, LSW

My Friend, Cohort, Co-Author, and Colleague Dr. Andrea Grannum-Mosley

My Friend, Cohort, Co-Author, and Colleague, Mrs. Diona Shelton, LCSW


Dr. Julie Clockston, LCSW, Cert Ed

Ms. Precious S. Brown Executive Director Book Project for Sistah Hooded ™

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